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The California Fire Mechanics Academy Inc. is the oldest and largest Emergency Vehicle Technician Training Academy in the U.S.  Since 1971 we have been providing the finest training opportunities for emergency apparatus repair and maintenance. Our workshops are very hands-on, giving participants not only the theory but the opportunity to work on trucks, take pumps apart, get their hands on the actual apparatus they'll be using in the field.

We hope your visit here will provide you with information regarding who and what we are and answer any questions you might have.
News & Updates
With all the recent fire activity we want to have everyone confirm they will still be able to attend the meeting this week in Northern CA. If you have already sent in an RSVP please just send an email to:
 to re-confirm your RSVP. Also if you plan on attending and have not yet sent in your RSVP - Now is the time to do that to the same email address.
Registration Now Open
Fall Academy
November 13-17, 2017
Riverside , CA
Course Flyer


 ***Spring Academy retakes***

 Testing is being offered at two locations from the  Spring 2017 academy  July 26, 2017  @  1PM 

 In the North at the CFMA office board room.        Map click here
 3318 Howard Avenue,
Bldg #338, Suite #140
 McClellan, CA 95652
 In the south at the Ben Clark Training Center  ( CTC ) classroom #301     Map click here
16902 Bundy Ave,                                                                                          aerial view
Riverside,CA 92518
   ( follow the signs )


Another Pump & Accessories course will be in the books for  2017, Great Class, with the students all engaging. The students are currently taking there State Fire Certification tests.  Thank you to Ben and Marlo Ruthman, Bobby  and the Hi-Tech Crew for the shop space, help , hospitality and continued support of the CFMA. 


Oakdale CFMA  pump class has arrived again, less than 48 hours away. Prepare for some very warm weather. Hydration is the key. Don't forget to bring your safety sun glasses, sunblock and required P.P.E.

CFMA limited supply of T-shirts, hats, stickers, shorts, flashlights will also be for sale.


    Due to recent emails and rumors about the California Fire Mechanics Academy we the board feel it necessary to clear the air.  Let me assure you that the California Fire Mechanics Academy is doing fine.  True there have been some personnel changes and a new Vice President elected. We are moving forward with a positive attitude and the common goal of providing the best possible training in the industry with the students best interest in mind as we have done for close to 50 years.  Anyone of the board members is more than happy to discuss any concerns you have with the future of the California Fire Mechanics Academy personally one on one. We have new training coming and a new location coming in the future.  We are diligently working to be able to provide new classes and keep up with changes in technology and certification requirements.  Please check our web page and calendar for these. We look forward to continuing our relationships and working with you in the future and as always greatly appreciate your continued support. Thank you for your time.


California Fire Mechanics Academy



A message from Jerry Lee.  SCFMA Historian and fellow mechanic.

Kevin O'Connell

You probably know this now but Kevin got out of surgery yesterday, recovered in ICU . He said before the operation that he would get out of bed on same day.  He did so getting up and sitting on a chair. He is recovering nicely now but doesn't want visitors yet..  will let us know when he is ready




 There are 15 openings still available for the  Pump Class in Oakdale,CA next month. You don't want to miss out on this one. See registration to the right and take a look at the calendar and see whats coming up for training and events. Updated often. Dont forget to follow us on Facebook and join into the groups and follow us on Facebook.



A modified message from Jerry Lee (SCFMA Historian) original message to me.

Thoughts and prayers to you Kevin that all goes well today .

Kevin OConnell, a longtime member and longtime Vice President  needs all of our prayers now. He has been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and will be operated on Friday May 19th. could you inform the members and have him included in their thoughts.  He asks (Kevin) that he not be called at home now and will notify all friends as soon as he is able after the operation. 

Mark Your Calendars:
2017 Fall Academy will be November 13 - 17 in Riverside, CA.  
Look for class offerings to be posted online in July.  We expect registration to open on August 1.
Thank you to all our students, instructors and vendors who came out for our 2017 Spring Academy!
Between the Fire Marshal running all over, alarms going off, uncertain weather and a myriad of other issues, we had an Academy that kept us on our toes this year.  We really appreciate your patience and support.   We hope that you came away with the hands-on, technically up-to-date learning that the Academy is known for.   As we pack up the 2017 Academy, we are already looking forward to and planning for the 2018 Spring Academy.


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