California Fire Mechanics Academy

Fire Mechanic II

Fire Mechanic II is the second of three levels of certification in the career path leading to Fire Mechanic III/Master Mechanic. Fire Mechanic II certification identifies the advanced skills and knowledge necessary for the contemporary fire apparatus mechanic. This certification addresses the level of expertise needed to properly maintain the new and complex fire apparatus in service today. This level of certification utilizes upper-level curriculum that establishes some lower-level courses as prerequisites. Although these courses are open to all individuals who meet the academic prerequisites, Fire Mechanic II certification is only available to those certified as Fire Mechanic I.
Educational Requirements:

1. Fire Mechanic 2A: Fire Apparatus Electrical Systems
        This course has a prerequisite class: FM-109 Basic Electrical Systems
Students with a thorough knowledge of Electrical Systems may attempt to test out of the prerequisite by taking the Electrical Challenge Test.  This test is offered four times a year:
  • At the South Section CFM Association meeting in May
  • At the North Section CFM Association meeting in June
  • At the CFMA Fall Academy in October/November
  • At the North Section CFM Association meeting in December

A student may only attempt the Electrical Challenge Test once.  80% or better score required to pass and enroll directly into Fire Mechanic 2A:  Fire Apparatus Electrical Systems

2. Fire Mechanic 2B: Allison Transmissions
3. National Institute for Auto Service Excellence (ASE) for:


  • Diesel Engines (T2)
  • Drive Train (T3)
  • Suspension and Steering (T5)

Current OSFM certified Fire Mechanic I.

Required Experience:
Have a minimum 4 years full-time, paid experience in a California fire department, public agency, or private industry as an automotive or truck mechanic, 3 years of which must be related to the maintenance of fire apparatus.


The Fire Mechanic II recertification program is designed for personnel who hold or have held a valid Fire Mechanic II certificate within the last year. Successful completion of a minimum of thirty-six (36) hours of California Fire Mechanics Academy approved continuing education is required every five (5) years to maintain OSFM Fire Mechanic II certification. Certificate may be expired for no more than one (1) year.

Recertification applicants must provide current certificates from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) for:
  • Diesel Engines (T2)
  • Drive Train (T3
  • Suspension and Steering (T5)