California Fire Mechanics Academy

Questions about Recertification

There seems to be lots of confusion around the issue of recertification, so we've attempted to answer some common questions below.
If you have questions about certification in general, that are not answered here, you can call the CFMA office at (916) 333-5044.
If you have specific questions about your certification, you will need to call the Office of State Fire Training at (916) 445-8154.
Q:  Am I a Level Certified Fire Mechanic?
A:  In order to be Level Certified, you must apply for Level Certification.   This means that you have packed up copies of your ASE passing scores, your CFMA exam passing letter and the letter verifying your work experience along with a check for the certification fee and the Application for Certification and sent it in to the Office of State Fire Training.   Then, you will be issued a numbered Level Certificate.  If you have not done this, then you are not a California Level Certified Fire Mechanic.
Q:  How long is my Level Certification valid?
A:  Your Level Certification is valid for 5 years from the date on the certificate.
Q:  How do I recertify?
A:  You need to take the Recertification Class at the CFMA Academy and send proof of those hours, along with proof that your ASEs remain current in to the Office of State Fire Training along with the recertification fee and this form. 
Q:  Do I have to recertify for every level?
A:  No, you only have to recertify for your highest level.   But if you are due for recertification before you complete the level certification you are working on, you need to recertify.   For example, you received your Level II Certification in July of 2010.   It is now March of 2015 and you still have one Level III Certification class to take, unless you know that you will complete the Level III class and be able to submit for Level III certification before July 2015, you should take the Level II recertification class at Academy.
Q:  What if I have let my Level Certification lapse?
A:   There is a one year grace period for recertification, so if you are within one year of your recertification date, you can still apply for recertification.   Otherwise, you will need to reapply for each level of certification.   You can use your old course certificates, but you must reapply with current ASEs and you are limited to applying for one certification level per 6 months.  So, it will take a minimum of 1.5 years to reapply for a Level III Certification.
Q:  What if I can not find my old certificates for Level Certification or passing a certification class?
A:  You will need to request duplicate certificates from the Office of State Fire Training using this form and paying the associated fee.
Q:  How can I get a reminder when I am due for recertification?
A:  You can bring a copy of your Level Certificate showing your certification number and date of certification to any Academy or fax your certificate in to (916) 333-5014.  The Academy staff will send out an annual notice to those association members who are due to recertify in that year.
*Please note that this service is a courtesy only and the Academy bears no liability for any changes to compensation or employment status due to lapses in certification.