California Fire Mechanics Academy


Typical Classes for the Annual Spring Academy

The Annual CFMA Spring Academy classes are specifically designed to provide the latest information regarding a variety of maintenance, service and repair activities related to fire apparatus and equipment.  The CFMA Board of Directors has established the following general list of classes that we attempt to hold at each spring academy.  Based on the availability of instructors and vendors, additional classes may also be added or deleted. Check our CFMA registration website for a detailed listing of all the classes for each academy.
State Fire Training listed Mechanic Certification Classes

Level I Certification
  • Fire Pumps & Accessories

Level II Certification

  • Electrical Systems (prerequisite must be met before registration) 
  • Allison Transmissions
Level III Certification               
  • Aerial Apparatus
  • Ambulance Service & Maintenance
  • Fire Management 1

Students with questions about certification should click on the Mechanics Certification tab above

Mechanic Re-Certification Classes
  • Level 1 Re-certification
  • Level 2 Re-certification
  • Level 3 Re-certification

Certified Fire Mechanics are required to re-certify every 5 years.  You will not receive notification that your certification will expire.
If you need assistance in determining when your certification expires, please contact the Office of State Fire Training at (916) 327-2129.

Firefighter Classes

  • Knowing Your Apparatus
  • Fire Pump Operation & Testing
  • Pump Theory & Troubleshooting
  • Preventative Maintenance for Fire Apparatus
  • OES Mutual Aid Maintenance Procedures

Level I Classes

  • Preventative Maintenance for Fire Apparatus
  • Air Brakes & ABS Service
  • Basic Electrical Systems (Electrical Systems 1)
  • Introduction to Welding
  • Wheels & Tires
  • OES Mutual Aid Vehicle Maintenance Procedures

Level II Classes

  • Allison Transmission Preventative Maintenance
  • Cummins Engine Service
  • Detroit Diesel Engine Repair & Troubleshooting
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Small Engine Service
  • Diesel Emissions
  • Breathing Air Compressors

Level III Classes

  • Electrical Multiplexing Systems
  • Aerial Service & Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Pump Theory & Troubleshooting
  • Fire Apparatus Design & Performance Standards
  • Laws, Regulations & Standards
  • Third Party Aerial Inspections
  • Diesel Exhaust Extration Systems
  • Pierce Service & Product Updates