California Fire Mechanics Academy

Pep Richardson Award


The Pep Richardson Award was originally named the Honoree of the Year. This award is given annually to an individual that has furthered the goals and objectives of the California Fire Mechanics Academy; enhanced the quality of the instruction at the Academy; helped further the certification professionalism of the attendees; or in some way provided a lifetime of service to the Academy.

Pep Richardson (second from left) was one of the founders of the California Fire Mechanics Section in the South. He later moved to Northern California and worked in Davis, California as a fire mechanic. He also was one of the founders of the California Fire Mechanics Academy. He was an excellent mechanic and he also recognized the need for training to improve the lot of the mechanics working in the field. Those of you who are currently working as fire mechanics owe Pep Richardson and others a great deal of thanks for bringing your profession as a California fire mechanic to the top. Pep passed away several years ago and in 1988 the original award was renamed in his honor.

The California Mechanics Sections and the Academy are recognized around the world as the best source of training and certification for those people maintaining and keeping emergency equipment in service protecting the lives of all California citizens. Pep Richardson would be very proud of what he has done, and what you have done to fulfill his dreams.

2017 Pep Richardson Award Honoree
Thomas Tengdin

Every year during the California Fire Mechanics Academy, one individual is recognized for outstanding service and contributions to the field of emergency vehicle repair, service and maintenance.  This recognition especially honors someone who has supported and enhanced the promotion of professional development, training and certification of emergency vehicle technicians.  The award is known as the Pep Richardson Honoree of the Year Award.  It has been presented annually since 1983.

It is our pleasure to announce that, on April 6, 2017, the Pep Richardson Honoree of the Year Award was presented to Thomas Tengdin, longtime Academy Electrical Systems instructor.   Tom was chosen based on his dedication to quality instruction and willingness to step in and help out wherever necessary to ensure a great Academy for our students.  

Congratulations to Tom Tengdin!