California Fire Mechanics Academy


"I took the Academy class and got the highest score I have ever received on an EVTCC test."
"Loved it all! This is my 6th academy in 12 years and every time I come it is a great experience."

"I have been a teacher for 8 years. I can only compliment the CFMA staff and their preparations. Every aspect was spot on!"

"Great program, excellent academy available to all fire service personnel. Great way to continue and enhance learning and knowledge in the fire service."

"This was a great experience. I am new to the fire mechanics field and I will be back as long as I can -- even if I have to pay out of pocket!"

"Awesome learning environment and great instructors. I will recommend this Academy to others."

"One of the most beneficial classes I have participated in during 15 years in the fire service."

"As a first time student, this course will improve the quality of service and safe operation of our fire department."

"Absolutely the best, most comprehensive, useful course I've ever taken.
Best instructors - hands down!"

"This class has heightened my awareness of good record keeping and professionalism."

"As budgets tighten and agencies consolidate, this training and awareness of proper techniques and trained certified fire mechanics for fire apparatus and first response vehicles are vital."

"Best real-world training I have ever had."

"Great class, great instructors, great crew that puts the annual academy on. Thank you all."

"The course in general and the course materials in particular were extremely thorough, informative and well done overall. The course binder and pamphlets will be useful in the future as a reference."

"Appreciate the use of the first class training facilities. Thank you for allowing us to be here."